Dynafold DE202AF 17


A paper folder is a highly convenient office device that is great for preparing bulletins, newsletters, flyers, invoices and correspondence. The Dynafold DE202AF Desktop Folder is one of these machines designed to make office life smoother. Built for high performance, the DE202AF is lightweight and easy to operate. Its efficiency will increase productivity, thereby saving you time and money; eventually this device will pay for itself. Here is a more detailed look at the pros and cons.


Designed for table top use, this machine is compact enough to store on a large desk. Though it weighs about 42 pounds, it could potentially be moved around to various locations fairly easily for shared use.
This folder utilizes an automatic friction feed system to guide individual sheets into the machine for folding. It self adjusts to varying paper thickness ranging from 16lb bond to 40lb bond. A simple start/stop switch controls folding; stop is automatically activated when all items are through the machine. Neatly folded sheets are collected in a stacking table with a maximum capacity of 500 sheets.
Up to 500 sheets can sit in the hopper at once. Papers can range in size from 3.5″ x 5″ to 11″ x 17″. Simple adjustments need to be made for various paper sizes; there is a guide on the trays to help you handle this. When the fold plates are running at their fastest, 5000 pieces can be created in one hour. This rate is determined with letter size copy paper and may vary depending on paper size and weight.
If a paper jam occurs that can’t be cleared by removing the items, the two trays easily slide out so you can have access to the fold rollers and other parts.
Six fold styles can be made with the manually adjustable plates. They include single fold, double parallel, fold out, “C” fold, “Z” fold, and a cross fold. This machine also has the ability to produce custom folds by manipulating plate placement.
Dynafold offers a 90 day warranty on this product.


The fold plates are manually adjusted. For use with a single fold style or infrequent changes, this will work just fine. But constant switching between folds is tedious and often difficult. If you foresee yourself needing to frequently change which fold is made, you should think about upgrading to the PF-330, which will move the plates around automatically.
While 5000 pieces per hour is an excellent folding rate, consistent use of this machine at that rate will wear it out quickly. We suggest looking into a heavier duty, higher rated folder if you think you will needs that much folding every day.

As you can see, this is a great machine for small office use. While it would be nice if it could fold heavier materials, it will work well for most office applications. Easy operation as well as decent capacities and speeds make it a good choice for churches, schools, and other small businesses. The Dynafold DE202AF Desktop Folding Machine is an excellent choice for your next paper folder.

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