DeLaet’s Hot Streak


Canadians were teeing off all over the map this weekend, from Las Vegas to Malaysia. Here are the highlights to keep you up to speed on all things golf and Canadian.


Saskatchewan’s Graham DeLaet continued his solid run on the PGA Tour’s Fall Series with a T18 finish at Justin Timberlake’s Open in Las Vegas.

Bob Weeks says DeLaet’s rookie performance on the PGA Tour is a rarity for a Canuck.


DeLaet tells The Sun that fitness and pacing played a role in his end-of-season success.


Meanwhile, a pair of Canadians – David Hearn and Jon Mills – head into the final weekend on the Nationwide Tour. Both need big performances to move into the top 25 and earn promotion to the PGA Tour.


Robert Thompson for on their battle for top 25 statuses.

Jason Logan on Mills’ near-big finish this past weekend in Florida.


The lone Canadian competing on the LPGA Tour in Malaysia, Alena Sharp blogs after posting her fifth top-25 finish of the season. With seven Canadians advancing to Stage 2 of the PGA Tour’s Q-School after the first wave, the gruelling school resumes Tuesday with the start of Stage 1’s second wave. A quick run-down of Canadians to watch here.


In case you missed it, Canada’s women placed 7th at the World Amateur Team Championships in Argentina. In honor of the ace that won the JT tournament on the weekend, we’ll close with a mention of recent holes-in-one in Edmonton courtesy of the Edmonton Journal.


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