Learn Through Dell Y9948 Battery


Most laptop users suffered the pain of battery aging. As this dell Y9948 battery, I seldom have special maintenance for it. Then it performed worse and worse. Before we talked about how to use the new battery, now more advise for your battery.

Clean up the hard disk regularly: the more smoothly hard disc works, the less power it consumes. Regular clean-up of the hard disc debris can easily accelerate the working efficiency which can reduce the power load of the battery. My dell Y9948 battery can last for three hours at this circumstance.

Lower your display brightness: Most laptops are supported to adjust display brightness, and some models even adjust CPU frequency and cooling support systems. If you adjust to the minimum you can tolerate, the battery will save more.

Reduce the background process: iTunes, desktop search, etc. will increase the CPU load and reduce battery life. When I use my Y9948 battery, I will turn off all unnecessary programs as possible.
Unplug external devices: U equipment (including the mouse), and Wi-Fi will reduce the battery life span. When you do not have to use them, unplug or turn them off.

Add more memory: more memory can let the program use the physical memory to run, rather than the virtual memory. Virtual memory is stored in the hard disk, which is slow and power consuming. Thus, if I increase the memory, at the meanwhile, it will lead to higher power consumption. So you should first try to estimate how much memory you need. In principle, do not use or reduce using of virtual memory as much as possible.

Use the hard disk rather than DVD / CD driver: drive consume a lot of power. And the CD / DVD driver requires even more electricity.

Besides charging and discharging the battery regularly, here tells you more about how to reduce the load of the laptop battery. And these are all from the daily usage of my dell Y9948 battery. Next part we will touch other factors about how to make it.

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