Facilities Managers Missing .FM Opportunities


Did you know that you can now get .FM domain names? I only found this out by accident!

Obviously ‘they’ are expecting radio stations to use these and probably have not realized that FM can also stand for Facilities Management or Facilities Managers. (OK, I guess you can tell I’m not American, where the term is singular instead of plural – ‘Facility’ instead of ‘Facilities’.) The Facilities Management niche is probably also a fairly small market compared to FM radio stations.

If you look at the site releasing the .FM domain names – BRS Media’s dotFM is the exclusive worldwide registrar for the .FM top-level domain (TLD). – everything is geared towards the media rather than Facilities Managers. The FM domain is being promoted along side those of AM and TV, and the advertising, banners, etc. are featuring music. (whatever happened to ‘talk radio’? Maybe I’m just getting old!)

Certainly, at the time of writing, some of the big names in FM in the UK haven’t protected their identity by registering obvious variations of their own names. (Not going to give things away for an individual company by citing an example!)

The .FM name isn’t cheap – or at least not compared with registering a .co.uk or .com name, or some of the variants that are now being released by country. (It’s $ 95 per name for a year’s registration, ranging up to $ 375 for 5 years [$ 75/pa to save you working it out]). However, $ 95 is not a lot of cash to most Facilities people, even consultants and one-man bands. Especially not for a prestigious web domain that will really make sense to any clients.

If it was as cheap as the .co.uk registrations, I probably wouldn’t be telling anyone. Instead, I’d be registering as many Facilities Management names as I could, and putting some resources there to back up the registration so it wouldn’t look like – or at least so I could legitimately argue that – I wasn’t trying to ‘hijack’ someone else’s name.

Yes, we’re all used to seeing the .com, the .co.uk etc., but acmeco-fm.com doesn’t have the same ring or the same pull as acmeco.fm does. And for only $ 95 this difference is within most Facilities people’s grasp!

You can find this article, as well as others, and details of how to check and / or register a .fm domain name at http://www.interfm.info/?p=558

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