The amazing Camino de Santiago


A unique experience

The principal and main purpose of the Camino is to participate in the pilgrimage to the remains of Saint James, who is thought to be buried in the Cathedral in Santiago. However, you do not necessarily have to be a very religious person to follow the route.

In the last years, especially the young tourists discovered that it is a perfect way to socialize with people from different corners of the world. It is also a great way to get into contact with the northern part of Spain, to see its wonders, to connect with its inhabitants and to get to know its customs and traditions.

The road takes about five weeks if you decide to follow it from the France border right to Santiago; some decide to follow it only on certain parts. By foot, five weeks are necessary; if you travel by bike; you will probably need two weeks.

Getting to know the country

When you follow the Santiago Route, you have the unique opportunity to understand the essence of northern Spain by visiting the amazing and noble cities Burgos and Leon, renowned for their cathedrals.

You also have the fantastic opportunity to see parts of the Pyrenees Mountains and the famous La Rioja region, the wine country. The landscapes are breathtaking; you have the chance to see scenic views which will nourish your eyes and soul.

Having fun

Your reward is the amazing Santiago Cathedral, which waits for her guests with an outstanding Baroque Façade. Those who followed the route in 2010 had a wonderful surprise: 2010 was the Xacobeo year, a cultural year throughout which concerts were held in the entire northern region. The concerts were for all tastes: religious music, pop, jazz, even rock.

The 25th of July is a wonderful day, a fun day on which you have to participate: it is the national day of the famous province of Galicia. After you take part in the mass, you can enjoy a wonderful “botafumeiro”, a burner which will swing above your head.

On arrival, it is a tradition to enter a Santiago tavern and try the tasty seafood dishes containing clams and octopus. The journey ends in the famous Obradoiro Square, where the pilgrims slowly lean against the imposing pillars impressed by the beauty of the Cathedral. You cannot completely understand the feeling unless you participate at least once in this unique experience.

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