Feel Secure With San Diego Storage Facilities

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by EvaSan

Is there a self storage solution for you? There very well could be, if you are someone who has had to move into smaller accommodations, but did not want to part with some of your possessions right away. Or perhaps you are someone with a home business who needs a place to store your records or your inventory. Maybe you simply have seasonal toys like a boat or RV which need someplace to shelter during the colder months of the year. If you are in the military and have to pull up stakes at a moment’s notice, San Diego storage will provide you with the place to keep your belongings during your transition.

Speaking about San Diego storage the first thing required is the requisite size of the storage unit. First and easiest way around the problem is to have a good discussion with the manager at the self storage facility where you are renting your unit, giving him or her clear idea of the number and size of possessions you be storing. Following are the most common sizes of self storage units. For the contents of a small closet or your smaller pieces of furniture, a 5 foot by 5 foot would unit will do.

Furniture the size of the couch or the contents of the small bedroom, or several large packing boxes will fit into a 5 foot by 10 foot unit. If you are storing not only the furniture you had in your one bedroom apartment, but the large appliances like the refrigerator and washing machine, go with a 10 foot by 10 foot unit. The largest standard cell storage unit size, 10 foot by 40 foot , will hold not only all the contents of a five bedroom home, but vehicles. It can also serve as a business warehouse. Once you have determined the correct size for yourself storage unit, you should consider the amount of security you require.

The level of security at different San Diego storage facilities can range from minimal to Fort Knox quality. San Diego self storage is provided with wall of brick and concrete to keep prying eyes from seeing inside. Lighting is another security essential, and the lights at the San Diego storage provides good working order and capable of locating even the darkest corners of the premises. There are also facilities which require everyone entering or exiting to key in a gate code.

Besides the management keeps updated information on exactly who has access to the gate code. Certain San Diego storage units have a more sophisticated version of the gate code called the key pad access code, which allows the customers to enter the elevators and the floors on which there belongings are stored, if it is a multi story facility. An intercom is also provided for allowing the management to communicate with anyone in the facility that seems to be acting suspiciously, and is also great for allowing the on site guards, if there are any, to communicate with the management. Besides San Diego storage units have high tech forms of self storage security including motion sensors, CCTV to monitor and record everything which occurs.

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